Youth Advisory Board

The YAB is helping us understand and design solutions for the social challenges of their peer group. In particular, they have worked on the design and application of our App MyMoodCoach to improve emotional skills and prevent future mental health problems. They gave us their opinion about our ideas, shared their opinions about current events and made sure that we were on the right track when communicating information to young people and addressing their needs.



YABs were established in four different countries: Belgium, Germany, Spain and the UK. The members of the YAB are collaborating with us during the whole project. YABs have met four times from 2018 to 2020 to help us with the design and content of the project. Also, we constituted an International YAB with two representatives for each country to exchange ideas and promote cross-cultural engagement. YABs are currently testing the prototype of the app and giving feedback in order to improve MyMoodCoach app.

The experience is being very enriching for both the young people and the researchers. The ECoWeB consortium acknowledges the involvement of the young people and their willingness to participate in our project. Their role is being essential for the good progress of ECoWeB.